"WHEN DOING WhAT'S RIGHT - 'IS siMply the right thing to do...!"

From progressive brand management, strategic planning and implementation, we offer services produced and provided by our award winning group of designers, writers, artist and overhead team. From effective television, radio and video production, cutting edge graphic design, web development,e-business, social media applications, to sales programs and more... Regardless of your budget... We facilitate and deliver a comprehensive combination for your program or department.

We can assist your HEMS / EMS / ALE/ SAR / FIRE & Emergency Service program's business development, marketing efforts, public relations / special events, crisis media management, membership efforts and more...

With over 25 years in the Advertising Industry, 15 years with one of the oldest responding Technical Rescue Teams in the country, 10 years as a Wildeness Medic, 5 years in the E.R., working with a HEMS program in Northern Nevada, and most recently on contract with AAMMP and Cal-AAMS to develop their web presence... I know we can assist you with marketing your ALE / EMS / HEMS Program...

Taking Flight. Saving Lives...™  At DGA We Develop Unique Cultures.


   "We appreciate all you do...
        to make us look so good..!"

Annette Arnold
REACH Air Medical
Marketing Manager

“From concept to completion, from nuts to bolts... areospace to petting zoos... "mom and pop” shops to Fortune 500 companies
From right next door, to across the country and abroad,  We create, facilitate, manage, implement and maintain all your branding efforts..."

That is where we TRULY excel!

"I am confident we can assist you in marketing your HEMS Program..."

Celebrating over 30 years in Advertising and Marketing, with 15 years in Technical Rescue, 10 years as a NASAR Wilderness Medic, 5 years in the E.R., to working with a HEMS program in Northern Nevada and most recently on contract with AAMMP and Cal-AAMS...

From marketing to membership programs, brand awareness, to public relations, and crisis media management, we offer services from people who have, “been there and done that!”

At DGA we're developing unique cultures... We have both the background and expertise to develop a comprehensive marketing, branding or community image package best suited to your program, and at a budget you can afford...

What can we develop for you?

—  DG Sanchez
  1R62 Retired

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